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In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind gifts are non-monetary gifts from individuals, businesses, etc. In-Kind gifts can include, but are not limited to services, office supplies, or event tickets to be given to our matches or used as an event prize.  To donate in-kind gifts to AVANCE-San Antonio, Inc., please call 210-220-1788 x221.

AVANCE Tiendita

The AVANCE Tiendita has basic need items in their "little store" for AVANCE families and children to purchase with their "AVANCE Dollars." An AVANCE Dollar is rewarded to a parent each time a voluntary action is taken. Examples of participation include: attendance, participation, volunteerism, etc.

Items for our little store include:
- school supplies for school-age children
- baby blankets
- diaper bags
- strollers
- cribs
- furniture (sofas, tables and chairs, refrigerators, stoves)
- adult clothes and shoes (slightly used)
- household items (towels, pots/pans, comforters, utensils, curtains, linens, décor items)
- writing tablets/writing supplies (pens, pencils, markers)
- tote bags/backpacks
- educational toys
- jackets and sweaters for adults and children
- push toys for mobile infants

General In-Kind Gifts

AVANCE-San Antonio is proud to serve over 2,200 children and 2,400 parents from our community throughout the year with quality early childhood education and parenting training. However, any help for in-kind gifts for our programs is always encouraged and well-received. Here is a list of items you can donate to our centers at any time.

- books for children birth to three
- craft items (glitter glue, scrapbook materials, scissors)
- jumbo crayons and coloring books
- color paints (non-toxic)
- plywood for AVANCE Parenting Education material
- metal cans (small: 4, 8 & 12 oz./large: 6 lbs. or 106 oz.)
- bubbles
- card stock paper in a variety of colors
- rolling carts to carry toys and food
- fabric in various textures
- educational toys
- new/used educational magazines

Children (0-4 years+)
- newborn blankets and socks
- diapers for children (stage newborn to stage 5)
- plush toys for mobile infants
- baby wipes
- hand sanitizer
- facial tissue
- baby gates
- baby fingernail clippers
- diaper bags
- strollers
- cribs
- crib sheets
- high chairs
- child digital thermometers(new)
- medicine measure devices
- "sippy" cups
- puzzles
- books
- writing tablets/writing supplies (pens, pencils, markers)
- educational toys
- children’s videos and DVDs

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